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Please contact us today for more information on our unique line of Corporate Gifts created by our team of talented artists. Choose from  Limited-Edition Prints - Ceramic-Art Tiles - Silk Scarves and Ties - Corporate Fine Art.  The choice is yours. If it's Monsoon, it's exceptional.



Custom design insures that your product is unique and reflects accurately your corporate identity. The product is relevant and appropriate for the occasion for which it was created.  Examples of recent work shown on this website can be the ideal starting point from which your particular design can evolve. 


Suggested categories are:

  • Historic documents

  • Urban landscapes

  • Prominent architecture

  • Nature

  • Abstract composition

  • Your suggestions

      Our Custom Design work Is exclusive to the client for whom it was created and it is not reproduced again.

Contact Us

Monsoon Fabrics, Inc.
219B - 137 St Ferdinand,  

Montréal, Québec  H4C 2S6
Telephone: (514) 939-2078   Fax: (514) 939-0741  




Orders for a design or product can be sent by email, phone, fax or mail.  Accurate specifications and design requirements are necessary in order to create successful artwork.  Samples are provided for approval before an order is processed. Delivery time for the entire process is 4-6 weeks.



Price lists of products are provided upon request. 

Sample charges will be deducted from the cost of production. 

Payment terms: 50% upon placement of order 50% upon delivery

For U.S. orders prices include duty, transport and brokerage fees.

Please Email today for more information



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